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New French Oak

New French and German oak barrels for beer, wine and spirts.

We offer new custom oak barrels direct imported from our old-world European Cooperages.

New French and German Oak.

Exceptional, unmatched craftsmanship for all things oak maturation; from standard size Bourgogne barrels to custom made oversized vats and ovals 600L and beyond. Our biggest barrels are nothing short of a man made marvel.

Guaranteed fiercely competitive to anything on the market. No products are commensurate in quality.

Featured Customer:

Leelanau Brewing Company- All sour brewery, open fermentation, new custom 1200L French Oak foudres.
Wines of Leelanau County:
Leelanau Wine
Snowbird Inn
Snowbird Inn
- Victorian Bed and Breakfast in Leelanau County, Michigan USA.
Contact email: newfrenchoak 'at' gmail.com